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Jokikatin Pamina
Corn-Bred's MiniApple
Jokikatin Ribbing
Updated 9 August 2014

Queens for future breeding
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UK        - Diademhill Phantomotopera, CRX gs, blue tortie smoke, 28.7.1998  Pedigree
Czech Rep.Pendragon's Operetta, CRX g 09, blue tortie white, 16.2.1999.  Pedigree
                -  Farukin Baltic Nocturne,
CRX ns, black smoke, 21.5.1999. Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Taikahuilu,
CRX w, white, blue eyed, 26.11.1999Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin LaNozze di Figaro,
CRX w, white odd eyed, 26.11.1999. Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Gloria Swanson,
CRX ns, black smoke, 2.9.2000. Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Iolanthe,
CRX f 09, calico, 2.11.2001.  Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Sorcerer,
CRX f, black tortie, 2.11.2001.  Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Pikkujoutsen,
CRX f 09, calico, 7.4.2001.  Pedigree
Sweden     Änglarna's Basic Instinct, CRX n 33, seal point, 6.11.2003. Pedigree
                -  Lavender's Cabelle,
CRX j 09 24, blue spotted tortie white, 11.11.2004Pedigree
Denmark   -  Yeoman Farrow Fantastica, CRX n 01, black white van, 28.6.2006. Pedigree
USA         Fairydust Mag Mell of Jokikatin, CRX f 09, calico, 1.11.2005. Pedigree
Poland       Cattus de Lux Domaliel, CRX f 03, calico, 21.1.2007.  Pedigree
Sweden     -  Änglarna's Wild Lotus, CRX d, red, 22.1.2007.  Pedigree
                -  Jip-Jap'n Kiss Of Tiger Tea
CRX a 24, blue spotted, 4.3.2007Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Ilman impi,
CRX f 09 33, calico pointe, 6.4.2007Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Ulpukka,
CRX f 03, calico, 6.9.2008Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Enkelin siivin,
CRX ns 03, black smoke white bicolour, 8.10.2008.  Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Enkelin kosketus,
CRX ns 01, black white van, 8.10.2008.  Pedigree
                -  Jokikatin Kilpukka,
CRX f, black tortie, 6.9.2008. Pedigree
Russia        -  Bristol Moonspell, CRX a 01 blue white van, 29.7.2009. Pedigree
USA          - Silkywonder's Oryx, CRX n black smoke, 20.8.2007. Pedigree
                 - Framillan Dragonfly, CRX e 02 62 cream white harlequin, 2.8.2010. Pedigree
Denmark    - Yeoman Queen Queenie, CRX f 24 brown tortie tabby, 20.10.2011   Pedigree
Poland          - Jasmine Norel  CRX f black tortie 25.4.2012  Pedigree
Sweden      - Änglarna's Estelle  CRX d red  23.3.2012  Pedigree
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                 -  Farukin Too Hot To Trot, CRX w, white, yellow eyes, 17.8.1997   Pedigree
Farukin Baltic Dazzling, CRX w, white, yellow eyes, 28.4.1998  Pedigree
Czech Rep..-  Pendragon's Quentin, CRX ns 03, black smoke white,  30.5.1999...Pedigree
Lithuania.....-  R'Extasy Dolce Dominans, visitor, CRX d 09, red white, 14.8.2000   Pedigree
Jokikatin Gasparone, CRX d 01, red white van, 18.6.2000  Pedigree
                 -  Jokikatin Charlie Chaplin, CRX ns 09, black smoke white, 6.9.2000   Pedigree
Sweden.......- .Änglarna's In The Shadows, CRX n 09, black white, 15.5.2004   Pedigree
Germany.....-  Seglin Rex Esmeraldo, CRX d, red, 7.8.2005  Pedigree
USA............-  Corn-Bred's Miniapple, CRX d 09 33, red point with white, 10.4.2006   Pedigree
                 -  Jokikatin Ribbing,
CRX a 03, blue white bicolour, 19.7.2005  Pedigree
S*Delisch' Smart Outfit, CRX ns 09, black smoke white bicolour, 21.8.2007   Pedigree
USA.............-  Fulaluv Lion King-of-Jip-Jap'n, CRX d, red, 12.2.2006  Pedigree
                  -  Jip-Jap'n Secret Starry Gun, CRX ns, black smoke, 23.3.2009   Pedigree
Belgium........- Out Of Time Espresso, CRX 03 33, seal point white, 24.10.2009   Pedigree
Jokikatin Purpureosignata, CRX d, red, 11.9.2009  Pedigree
Sweden........-  Änglarna's Hot'N Cold CRX n 01, black white van, 6.12.2010 Pedigree
Canada.........-  Oricat Batman CRX n 03 black white bicolour 13.5.2011    Pedigree   
- Jip-Jap'n Destiny ofDestiny CRX w 62 white with orange eyes 10.10.2011   Pedigree     
- Jip-Jap'n Great Gildor  CRX d 09  red with white   Pedigree
                 - Gaala-Star Amor  CRX d 01 62 red white van   Pedigree
Yeoman Scooter Go for Valentine  CRX n 02 62 black white harlequine   Pedigree

,Änglarna's Wild Lotus
Änglarna's Basic Instinct
Batman's own page
Änglarna's Estelle
Breeder: Frida Marklund

 Yeoman Queen Queenie
brown tortie tabby
Breeder: Morten Skjershede, Denmark
Queenie's own page

Our cats share the flat and bed with us. And as we don't live in cages,
 our cats do not live in cages either.
Cats used for breeding are FeLV and FIV tested and blood type is determined, and Cats are naturally kept in good health. In fact the cats are better kept than human beings.

Jasmine Norel
black tortie
Breeder: Marta Gorczyca

Photo: Marta Gorczyca

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The following CRX-cats have been used
for breeding in
Cornish Rex Breeding
since 1999
For pictures and more information click here
DK*Yeoman Scooter Go for Valentine
CRX n 02 - black harlequine
Breeder Morten Skjershede, Denmark

Foto: Morten Skjershede
Silky Wave Aurora
CRX n 03 black white
Breeder: Viktoria Savinkova
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